Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right builder or trademen?

Word of mouth is by far the best approach, however that isn't always an option for everyone. Online reviews can be varied and untrustworthy. It is a good sign if a builder is happy for you to see their previous work, and talk to their customers. Transparency is key. Jovic can help you to assess the quality of their previous work, and provide you with expert guidance during the selection process, to ensure the builder displays good knowledge and experience of the building process. We can also help to analyse the pricing structure for their packages, or scutinise a quotutation for works. Jovic can also recommend reliable tradesmen that we have worked with previously.

How can a builder have good online reviews, but i've heard bad things about them?

Don't believe the marketing. Often companies will employ marketing experts to help to manipulate their online reviews. For example they can elect to only display the good reviews from certain areas, or they only request a review from the happy customers, not the discruntled ones. Don't base your decision solely on the marketing and fancy display homes. This has no reflection of the builders ability to manage and control a build on site. Often companies fail in either one or both of these areas.

Why do I need independent building inspections on my project?

We have heard many times how customers can be bowled over by the sales and marketing of building their new home, only for the actual build process to be a disappointment. Your build is likely to be run by a foreman who is spread pretty thin and is looking after several other sites, so they may entrust the day-to-day running of your build to sub-contracted tradesmen. Mistakes can be the responsibility of the builder to put right, however they can be costly and could be covered up to avoid any delays and repeat work. Independent inspections from licenced, building professionals give you peace of mind that your home is being build in accordance with the design and technical drawings, and to a high standard and level of workmanship.

Why do I need building inspections when the QBCC Building Certifier checks key stages of the build?

The Queensland Building & Construction Commission licence Certifiers to come out and approve structures based on building codes. This is to ensure minimum standards of health and safety, amenity and environmental issues are obtained. A Building Certifier does not inspect workmanship. The job of a Building Inspector is to inspect the quality of workmanship, safety hazards, building defects, and building omissions.

What are the benefits of involving Jovic as my Build Partner at the start of my project?

We are keen to be involved from the start so we can proactively help you maintain a good working relationship with your builder throughout, avoiding any issues before they arise by providing experienced, independent advice. We help you to make informed decisions by providing you with the construction guidance you need, and promiting clear and honest communications with your builder. We keep on top of your builds progress and report back to you regularly with assessments, photos, videos and advice where necessary. We help make sure your builder is delivering on his promise, and we strive to keep your building experience a happy one, right from the day you start until you get your keys.

How is Jovic different from companies advertising as 'Property Partners' and not charging a fee for their services?

Some companies provide a partnering or concierge service who offer to project manage and inspect your build at no cost to you. A common misconception with these services is that they work for you, however they are commission based and paid for by the builder. They are hired as a customer service middlemen to make the whole process a little friendlier. There is nothing wrong with that, but remember the builder is paying their bill so they are not really independent advisers, nor do they usually have any professional construction qualifications. If any problems or disputes were to arise, the builder would have significant leverage over these businesses. They would be obliged to side with their employer and therefore could not provide independent, qualified reporting of the project for you to use in gaining a resolution.

Which geographical areas do you cover?

We operate across the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Shire, Hinterland and Calboolture area. If you are building outside of those areas but would still like to use our services for advice and expertise, then please get in touch to discuss.

​If you didn't find the question you were looking for here, please ask us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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